Sunday, November 19

10:30-13:15Session 1A (chair: Zoe Holmes)
10:30-13:15Session 1B(chair: Michele Grossi)
13:15-14:45Session: Lunch Break
14:45-18:00Session 2A(chair: Alessandra Di Pierro)
14:45-18:00Session 2B(chair: Michele Grossi)

Monday, November 20

08:45-09:00Session 3: OPENING(chair: Michele Grossi)
09:00-10:00Session 4: KEYNOTE
10:00-10:45Session 5: INVITED TALK Nathan Killoran
10:45-11:15Session: Coffee Break
11:15-12:00Session 6: INVITED TALK Yihui Quek
12:00-13:15Session 7: Quantum Learning and Quantum advantage
12:00-12:30Matthias C. Caro, Marcel Hinsche, Marios Ioannou, Alexander Nietner and Ryan Sweke. Classical Verification of Quantum Learning
12:30-12:45Evan Peters. Learning bounds and guarantees for testing (quantum) hypotheses
12:45-13:00Casper Gyurik and Vedran Dunjko. Exponential separations between classical and quantum learners
13:00-13:15Lorenzo Leone, Salvatore Francesco Emanuele Oliviero and Alioscia Hamma. Learning t-doped stabilizer states
13:15-14:45Session: Lunch Break
14:45-16:00Session 8: Quantum Models and Data
14:45-15:00Haimeng Zhao. Non-IID Quantum Federated Learning with One-shot Communication Complexity
15:00-15:30William Huggins and Jarrod McClean. Quantum models and data through a precomputation lens
15:30-16:00Yuxuan Du, Yibo Yang, Dacheng Tao and Min-hsiu Hsieh. Demystify Problem-Dependent Power of Quantum Neural Networks on Multi-Class Classification
16:00-17:30Session 9: Generalisation
16:00-16:30Xinbiao Wang, Yuxuan Du, Zhuozhuo Tu, Yong Luo, Xiao Yuan and Dacheng Tao. Transition role of entangled data in quantum machine learning
16:30-17:00Sofiene Jerbi, Joe Gibbs, Manuel Rudolph, Matthias Caro, Patrick Coles, Hsin-Yuan Huang and Zoe Holmes. The power and limitations of learning quantum dynamics incoherently
17:00-17:15Tobias Haug and M.S. Kim. Understanding generalization with quantum geometry
17:15-17:30Elies Gil-Fuster, Jens Eisert and Carlos Bravo-Prieto. Understanding quantum machine learning also requires rethinking generalization
17:30-19:00Session: WELCOME

Tuesday, November 21

09:00-10:45Session 10: Gradients and Landscape Theory
09:00-09:15Adrián Pérez-Salinas, Hao Wang and Xavier Bonet-Monroig. Analyzing variational quantum landscapes with information content
09:15-09:45Julian Berberich, Daniel Fink, Daniel Pranjic, Christian Tutschku and Christian Holm. Training robust quantum classifiers based on Lipschitz bounds
09:45-10:00Julien Gacon, Jannes Nys, Riccardo Rossi, Stefan Woerner and Giuseppe Carleo. Variational Quantum Time Evolution without the Quantum Geometric Tensor
10:00-10:30Amira Abbas, Robbie King, Hsin-Yuan Huang, William J Huggins, Ramis Movassagh, Dar Gilboa and Jarrod McClean. On quantum backpropagation, information reuse, and cheating measurement collapse
10:30-10:45Roeland Wiersema, Dylan Lewis, David Wierichs, Nathan Killoran and Juan Carrasquilla. Here comes the SU(N) multivariate quantum gates and gradients
10:45-11:15Session: Coffee Break
11:15-12:00Session 11: INVITED TALK Vedran Dunjko
12:00-13:15Session 12: Quantum Kernels
12:00-12:15Massimiliano Incudini, Francesco Martini and Alessandra Di Pierro. A Topological Features Based Quantum Kernel
12:15-12:30Tak Hur, Israel F. Araujo and Daniel K. Park. Neural Quantum Embedding: Pushing the Limits of Quantum Supervised Learning
12:30-12:45Shivani Pillay, Ilya Sinayskiy, Edgar Jembere and Francesco Petruccione. A Multi-Class Quantum Kernel-Based Classifier
12:45-13:15Beng Yee Gan, Supanut Thanasilp, Daniel Leykam and Dimitris G. Angelakis. Expressivity and Generalization Ability of Trace-induced Quantum Kernels
13:15-14:45Session: Lunch Break
14:45-15:30Session 13: Quantum Reservoir Computing
14:45-15:00Pere Mujal, Rodrigo Martínez-Peña, Gian Luca Giorgi, Miguel C. Soriano and Roberta Zambrini. Time-series quantum reservoir computing with weak and projective measurements
15:00-15:15Apimuk Sornsaeng, Ninnat Dangniam and Thiparat Chotibut. Next Generation Quantum Reservoir Computing: An E”cient Quantum Algorithm for Forecasting Quantum Dynamics
15:15-15:30Filip Wudarski, Daniel O’Connor, Shaun Geaney, Ata Akbari Asanjan, Max Wilson, Elena Strbac, Aaron Lott and Davide Venturelli. Hybrid quantum-classical reservoir computing for solving chaotic systems
15:30-17:30Session 14: Quantum Algorithms
15:30-15:45Naomi Mona Chmielewski, Nina Amini, Paulin Jacquot and Joseph Mikael. Quantum Distance Calculation for ε-Graph Construction
15:45-16:15Jon Allcock, Jinge Bao, João Doriguello, Alessandro Luongo and Miklos Santha. Constant-depth circuits for Uniformly Controlled Gates and Boolean functions with application to quantum memory circuits
16:15-16:45Francisca Vasconcelos, Emmanouil Vasileios Vlatakis Gkaragkounis, Panayotis Mertikopoulos, Georgios Piliouras and Michael Irwin Jordan. Quadratic Speedup in Quantum Zero-Sum Games via Single-Call Mirror-Prox Matrix Methods
16:45-17:15Arsalan Motamedi and Pooya Ronagh. Gibbs Sampling of Periodic Potentials on a Quantum Computer
17:30-18:15Session 15: POSTER SESSION

Wednesday, November 22

09:00-10:45Session 16: Symmetry and Geometric QML
09:00-09:30Isabel Nha Minh Le, Oriel Kiss, Julian Schuhmacher, Ivano Tavernelli and Francesco Tacchino. Symmetry-invariant quantum machine learning force fields
09:30-09:45Martin Larocca, Marco Cerezo, Frederic Sauvage, Quynh Nguyen, Louis Schatzki, Paolo Braccia and Michael Ragone. Equivariant Quantum Models
09:45-10:00Su Yeon Chang, Michele Grossi, Bertrand Le Saux and Sofia Vallecorsa. Approximately Equivariant Quantum Neural Network for p4m Group Symmetries in Images
10:00-10:15Koki Chinzei, Quoc Hoan Tran, Kazunori Maruyama, Hirotaka Oshima and Shintaro Sato. Splitting and Parallelizing of Quantum Convolutional Neural Networks for Learning Translationally Symmetric Data
10:15-10:30Martin Larocca, Marco Cerezo, Sujay Kazi, Patrick Coles, Marco Farinati and Robert Zeier. The landscape of QAOA Max-Cut Lie algebras
10:30-10:45Rahul Arvind, Kishor Bharti, Jun Yong Khoo, Dax Enshan Koh and Jian Feng Kong. Homogenous space expressibility of parametrized quantum circuits
10:45-11:15Session: Coffee Break
11:15-12:00Session 17: INVITED TALK Marco Cerezo
12:00-13:15Session 18: Architectures for QML 1
12:00-12:15Giulio Crognaletti, Michele Grossi, Sofia Vallecorsa and Angelo Bassi. QResNet: a variational entanglement skipping algorithm
12:15-12:30Matt Lourens, Ilya Sinayskiy, Daniel Park, Carsten Blank and Francesco Petruccione. Hierarchical quantum circuit representations for neural architecture search
12:30-13:00Nishant Jain, Jonas Landman, Natansh Mathur and Iordanis Kerenidis. Quantum Fourier Networks for Solving Parametric PDEs
13:00-13:15Ben Jaderberg, Antonio A Gentile and Vincent E Elfving. Let Quantum Neural Networks Choose Their Own Frequencies
13:15-14:45Session: Lunch Break
14:45-16:45Session 19: Trainability of quantum architectures
14:45-15:15Manuel Rudolph, Sacha Lerch, Supanut Thanasilp, Oriel Kiss, Sofia Vallecorsa, Michele Grossi and Zoë Holmes. Trainability barriers and opportunities in quantum generative modeling
15:15-15:45Alistair Letcher, Christa Zoufal and Stefan Woerner. On the Absence of Barren Plateaus in Quantum Generative Adversarial Networks
15:45-16:15Luuk Coopmans and Marcello Benedetti. On the Sample Complexity of Quantum Boltzmann Machine Learning
16:15-16:45Diego García-Martín, Martín Larocca and Marco Cerezo. Deep quantum neural networks form Gaussian processes
16:45-17:00Francesco Scala, Andrea Ceschini, Dario Gerace and Massimo Panella. A General Approach for Dropout in Quantum Neural Networks
16:45-17:15Session: Coffee Break
17:15-18:45Session 20: INDUSTRY SESSION
19:00-22:00Session: SOCIAL DINNER

Thursday, November 23

09:15-10:45Session 21: Quantum Learning and Shadows
09:15-09:45Sofiene Jerbi, Casper Gyurik, Simon Marshall, Riccardo Molteni and Vedran Dunjko. Shadows of quantum machine learning
09:45-10:15Victor Wei, William A. Coish, Pooya Ronagh and Christine Muschik. Neural–Shadow Quantum State Tomography
10:15-10:30Yifei Chen, Zhan Yu, Chenghong Zhu and Xin Wang. E”cient information recovery from Pauli noise via classical shadow
10:30-10:45Po-Wei Huang and Patrick Rebentrost. Post-Variational Quantum Neural Networks
10:45-11:15Session: Coffee Break
11:15-12:00Session 22: INVITED TALK Natalia Ares
12:00-13:15Session 23: Machine learning for quantum science
12:00-12:15Enrico Rinaldi and Carlos Sanchez Munos. Deep Learning of Quantum Correlations for Quantum Parameter Estimation of Continuously Monitored Systems
12:15-12:30Matias Bilkis, Giulio Gasbarri and John Calsamiglia. Machine learning continuously monitored systems: estimating parameters
12:30-12:45Simone Roncallo, Lorenzo Maccone and Chiara Macchiavello. Channel tomography for quantum noise characterization and mitigation
12:45-13:15Felix Frohnert and Evert van Nieuwenburg. Explainable Representation Learning of Small Quantum States
13:15-14:45Session: Lunch Break
14:45-15:30Session 24: INVITED TALK High Energy Physics Overview
15:30-17:00Session 25: QML for Physics
15:30-15:45Vasilis Belis, Kinga Anna Wozniak, Ema Puljak, Panagiotis Barkoutsos, Günther Dissertori, Michele Grossi, Maurizio Pierini, Florentin Reiter, Ivano Tavernelli and Sofia Vallecorsa. Quantum anomaly detection in the latent space of proton collision events at the LHC
15:45-16:00Lento Nagano, Alexander Miessen, Tamiya Onodera, Ivano Tavernelli, Francesco Tacchino and Koji Terashi. Quantum data learning for quantum simulations in high-energy physics
16:00-16:15Jinzhao Sun, Xiao Yuan, Changsu Cao, Dingshun Lv, Hung Q. Pham and Hanshi Hu. Ab initio Quantum Simulation of Strongly Correlated Materials with Quantum Embedding
16:15-16:30Antonio Mandarino, Oriel Kiss and Michele Grossi. Detection of quantum phase transitions with quantum machine learning techniques
16:30-16:45Gian Gentinetta, Friederike Metz and Giuseppe Carleo. Simulating dynamics of large quantum systems on small quantum devices using circuit knitting
16:45-17:00Raghavendra Peddinti, Stefano Pisoni, Egor Tiunov, Alessandro Marini, Philippe Lott, Henrique Argentieri and Leandro Aolita. Complete quantum-inspired framework for simulations of flows past immersed bodies
17:00-18:15Session 26: POSTER SESSION

Friday, November 24

09:00-09:45Session 27: Architectures for QML 1
09:00-09:15Slimane Thabet, Romain Fouilland, Mehdi Djellabi and Loic Henriet. Extending Graph Transformers with Quantum Computed Aggregation
09:15-09:30Chengran Yang, Mile Gu, Thomas Elliott, Jayne Thompson, Oscar Dahlsten, et al. Dimension reduction in quantum stochastic modelling
09:30-09:45Yadong Wu, Yan Zhu, Ge Bai, Yuexuan Wang and Giulio Chiribella. Quantum Similarity Testing with Convolutional Neural Networks
09:45-10:45Session 28: Experimental Implementations
09:45-10:15Slimane Thabet, Boris Albrecht, Constantin Dalyac, Lucas Leclerc, Luis Ortiz-Guttiérez, Mauro D’Arcangelo, et al. Quantum Feature Maps for Graph Machine Learning on a Neutral Atom Quantum Processor
10:15-10:45Nicolas Maring, Andreas Fyrillas, Mathias Pont, Edouard Ivanov, Petr Stepanov, Nico Margaria, William Hease, Anton Pishchagin, et al. Variational quantum algorithms implemented on a general-purpose single-photon-based quantum computing platform
10:45-11:15Session: Coffee Break
11:15-12:00Session 29: INVITED SPEAKER: Clemens Gneiting
12:00-13:15Session 30: Reinforcement Learning and Robust Learning
12:00-12:30Thomas Elliott, Mile Gu, Andrew Garner and Jayne Thompson. Quantum adaptive agents with efficient long-term memories
12:30-12:45Friederike Metz and Marin Bukov. Self-Correcting Quantum Many-Body Control using Reinforcement Learning with Tensor Networks
12:45-13:00Maxwell West, Chris Nakhl, Jamie Heredge, Floyd Creevey, Christopher Leckie, Sarah Erfani, Lloyd Hollenberg, Martin Sevior and Muhammad Usman. Quantum machine learning with enhanced adversarial robustness
13:00-13:15Debbie Huey Chih Lim, João F. Doriguello and Patrick Rebentrost. Quantum algorithm for robust optimization via stochastic-gradient online learning
13:15-14:45 Session: Lunch Break
14:45-15:45Quantum Monte Carlo and simulations
14:45-15:00Koichi Miyamoto. Quantum Metropolis-Hastings algorithm with the target distribution calculated by quantum Monte Carlo integration
15:00-15:30Jinzhao Sun, Yukun Zhang, Xiao Yuan, Dingshun Lv and Yifei Huang. Quantum Computing Quantum Monte Carlo
15:30-15:45Enrico Fontana, Manuel Sebastian Rudolph, Ross Duncan, Ivan Rungger and Cristina Cîrstoiu. Classical simulations of noisy variational quantum circuits
15:45-16:30Session 32: Quantum optimization
15:45-16:00Kostas Blekos, Dean Brand, Andrea Ceschini, Chiao-Hui Chou, Rui-Hao Li, Komal Pandya and Alessandro Summer. Performance Analysis and Comparative Study of Quantum Approximate Optimization Algorithm Variants
16:00-16:15Akshay Vishwanathan, Daniil Rabinovich, Ernesto Campos and Jacob Biamonte. On The Performance And Limitation Of Quantum Approximate Optimization
16:15-16:30Pietro Torta, Guglielmo Lami, Juan Carrasquilla, Mario Collura and Estelle Inack. Quantum optimization of Binary Neural Networks
16:30-16:45Leo Sünkel, Darya Martyniuk, Johannes Jung and Adrian Paschke. Applying Genetic Algorithms to Optimize the Generalization Ability of Variational Quantum Circuits