For DESY, machine learning is an extremely important approach in many of its research areas. These comprise particle and astroparticle physics but also many other areas. Exploring the possibility of bringing machine learning to the quantum level is an exciting and very promising direction which DESY is following actively with a number of projects. DESY is therefore proud to be one of the sponsors at the most important and interesting QTML Conference at CERN. 

IBM considers quantum machine learning a promising field where quantum computers could deliver an advantage over today’s classical techniques. Advancing this research with organizations such as CERN, and through events like QTML 2023 is critical to the success of this domain.

Intel is continuously working to improve the performance of qubit technology based on silicon quantum dots. Tunnel Falls, a 12-qubit silicon chip, has been released this year and we expect to make its next generation available to the Quantum Computing community in 2024. Intel also released a complete quantum computing stack in simulation, called the Intel© Quantum SDK (Software Development Kit). In the future, Intel plans to partner with additional research institutions globally to build the quantum ecosystem and help democratize access to quantum computing technologies. QTML is a key conference, this year hosted by CERN, where we can listen to the scientific community’s requirements and investigate future collaboration opportunities.

PASQAL builds quantum computers from programmable arrays of neutral atoms with the goal of bringing a practical quantum advantage to its customers in addressing real-world problems, especially in quantum simulation, quantum machine learning and optimization. As we consider Quantum Machine Learning as one of the leading candidates for industry-relevant advantage with quantum computing, PASQAL’s R&D on this topic is an important focus. We are gratefully taking the opportunity to participate in sponsorship of the QTML 2023 conference, which has grown to be the leading venue for disseminating the latest developments in QML in the quantum community, and hope to share our latest results and learn from others in the mutual exchange of scientific progress.

IonQ’s discussions with the CERN team around the published technical work surrounding quantum algorithms led to a realization that there are substantial synergies for the QML methodologies that were developed on both sides. This makes sponsoring the QTML 2023 conference a natural fit for us. IonQ can provide cutting-edge quantum computing capability for the high-energy physics community working on quantum algorithms, while the IonQ team can benefit from the progress of various cutting-edge quantum algorithms being developed in the community.

Google Quantum AI‘s mission is to build the first large error-corrected quantum computer and make its benefits universally accessible and useful. We have been a strong supporter and participant in open research and technical knowledge sharing, including in the area of quantum machine learning research, and we support young research scientists in this area. We are delighted to also support (and participate in) QTML, a unique opportunity to learn about the latest research results as well as an excellent opportunity for networking and collaboration among attendees.

Qunova Computing is thrilled to announce its support for the QTML 2023. As the nexus of quantum machine learning expertise, this international conference aligns seamlessly with our mission. At the iconic CERN, we share insights, forge connections, and collectively accelerate the quantum revolution. Together, we shape the quantum landscape, unlocking transformative possibilities for cutting-edge research, industries, and beyond.